About Us

El Safa and Marwa were first established in 1950 by Mr. Abdelmoneim Salem. Since that time our company has been a pioneer in the printing and packaging industry in Egypt and the Middle East.
Our group consists of three factories, two of which specialize in printing and packaging, whilst the third specializes in the production of plastic containers for the ice cream, water and yoghurt industries

In our continuous search for excellence and innovation, led by Mr. Salem Abdelmoneim the current Chief executive officer of the group, we have made immense improvements and developments in our factory. Our most recent development project has been buying a new CTP machine and a new
Heidelberg 5 Colors printing machine, Model 2010. These developments contribute to the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market with the highest world class quality of packaging and high production capacity. These vital innovations came from our understanding of the importance of packing in the marketing of products.

Our Vision:

To be the largest provider of printing and packing in Egypt and the Middle East, whilst providing innovative packaging as it is a crucial element in the marketing of products.


To Provide the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market with packages of highest quality and with the highest productivity rate available.